The early aviations’ need for a sturdy hardworking body cover introduced the brown leather coat
around the 1900s. As both motorsport and aviation progressed, leather garments became commonplace.

Here we have two quite obscure leather brands. Aywon Leathers, notably Australian in origin, and “The Majestic” that point towards a British export, judging by the travelling ship on the label.

The Aywon A-1 inspired flying jacket with popper fastening in the front, and “The Majestic” bomber jacket with its sewn-up custom pockets, both made with readily available cowhide are both great examples of the early 1930s sporting- and multi-purpose garments. These still inspire the leather shapes and styles of today. The longevity and sustainability of the hides mature into a fetching and unique look over time, and will always be a classic!