Doug with our 1920s ‘Bellstaff’ flying jacket from our archive, featured in ‘Our First 100 Years’


We have had the pleasure of working closely with Belstaff over the years, specifically when we aided in the creation and curation of their archive in 2011-2018. Belstaff’s fantastic book ‘Our First 100 Years’, which is available to purchase here, tracks the history of the brand,  immersing us in their incredible archive all over again.


 It was a pleasure to be invited to contribute to this publication, where Doug discusses one of the rarest pieces from our archive, and what has to be the oldest remaining Belstaff piece in the world.



This leather flying jacket was manufactured sometime between 1927 and 1931 when the brand name was spelt ‘Bellstaff’. The company had a trademark for this double ‘L’ spelling for a short time – we never thought we would find an example of it. 


Read more from Doug about this jacket in ‘Our First 100 Years’, and all about the journey the brand has been on since!


Happy birthday to Belstaff and congratulations on a century!