Bruce Davidson and Khalik Allah: NEW YORK is the inaugural show currently held at Magnum Photos’ new gallery space opening in May in Paris’s 11th arrondissement. For the first time, the work of these two Magnum photographers are exhibited side by side in a public setting.

Both Davidson and Allah depict Harlem in their work, but half a century apart: Davidson’s started photographing in the 1960s, and Allah on the other side of the millennium. They offer two visions of urban life, above and underground, captured at different time periods, through two distinctive yet parallel viewpoints.

What they both capture, with visceral urgency, is the sense that everyone is in the margins in NYC, some just deeper into them than others. Allah and Davidson’s images respond to each other’s intense directness and proximity with their subjects, representing an invaluable record of New York City life.

We really wish we’d had the opportunity to see it! If you get the chance – take it!

All images courtesy of © Bruce Davidson, © Khalik Alla, Magnum Photos