We’ve been busy redressing some mannequins in the Showroom, to keep it looking fresh and to uncover and highlight some pieces that were hidden amongst the rails.

Lila Mae’s Hoedown

A look inspired by the American South, featuring overalls with a chain-stitched personalisation, and a handmade, patchwork quilt – we like to think this was a family project, that was passed down generations.


Kings Road Customisation

A look of extreme customisations! The jacket has definitely been up and down Kings Road a few times, worn by one dedicated punk who safety pinned every surface, with chains, keys and wrappers that were found along the way. The jeans are also well worn, with a multitude of textures and patterns on the patches that cover it.


Early 20th Century Monochrome

Layers of white and off white make this rig stand out in the Showroom. It features a 1940s Japanese Ecru Suit, a 1930s Baker down, topped off with a French Navy Kit Bag.