This foul-weather parka is a highlight from our recent vintage edit, now showing on the online store. 

The U.S. Navy jacket is characterised by its clip fastening, rubberised cotton, and pullover design. It would have likely been worn with matching rubberised trousers to combat grueling conditions, especially if you pull the drawstring on the hood and bottom hem tight. In spite of its hard-wearing qualities, it still somehow manages to be light and wieldy. 


The jacket is synonymous with the Navy Beach Battalions of the D-Day invasion of June 1944. Below you can see an incredible photo by Morris Engel, of a USN combat photo unit decked out in them.


Group portrait of Combat Photo Unit 8, who filmed the Normandy landings on and after D-Day, 1944. (Photo by Morris Engel/Getty Images)


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