Any Boardwalk Empire fans out there may like this product of the month, though its not quite old enough to be from the notorious “Big Fix” of 1919… This still remains a contentious topic of debate for sporting historians, and may or may not have involved alleged New York mob leader and prolific gambler Arnold Rothstein, whose fictionalised character in the show certainly talks about the legal issues around the “Big Fix”.

As with most sports, rumours of gamblers colluding with under paid players had been around since the first bets started being taken on baseball. But no one had ever tried to influence anything on the scale of a World series before.

Chicago lost their opening game 9-1, leading The New York Times to marvel, “Never before in the history of America’s biggest baseball spectacle has a pennant-winning club received such a disastrous drubbing in an opening game…”

The New York Evening World went a step further with their article “Is Big League Baseball Being Run for Gamblers, With Players in the Deal?”.


The 1919 Chicago White Sox. Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Images

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