If you’re not already familiar with Sam Knee’s other books, such as “The Scene In Between” or “The Bag I’m In”, you should really check his latest offering out.

Memory Of A Free Festival (published by Cicada Books 2017), covers the whole gamut, the spectrum that was a free youth fest from the early days of Jazz, Folk CND polite affairs, to Stones in the park, Glasto, Isle of Wight, anti-nuke anti-Thatcher, Rock Against Racism, Carnival, Stonehenge, and Space Rock all glimpsed thru previously unpublished photographs. A fascinating, fashionating flick through bygone halcyon times.


“Free music festivals embodies the heart and soul of counter cultural Britian from the late 60s to the early 80s. Together under an open sky, radical young people united in a vision of an alternative future, free from mainstream repression. Sharing love, food and ideals, they created a new reality, and danced to the music that reflected that reality back at them through a fractured prism of sound. Hundreds of previously unpublished period photos capture jazz-loving beatniks, flower power hippies and post-punk indie kids in all their festival finery”.

The book is available to buy in our shop: 14 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, London.