Pattern Recognition is an exploration of fabric, pattern, print and design realised through a curated capsule collection launching in Selfridges London. Analysing rare and original antique items of pre-worn and deadstock clothing, interwoven with re-designed military and utility pieces from the Archive. Restored, repurposed and reimagined by The Vintage Showroom.

For our second installment available at Selfridges London we have continued to play with our obsession with camouflage, taking inspiration from hand-painted pieces from our archive. Together with an artisan dyeing studio, we have collaborated on a small concept capsule of original military pieces that we have reimagined.

All the treatments used are developed in a completely sustainable and eco-friendly way, using very little water or energy. The pieces have been hand-dyed and hand treated, and where chemicals have been used, we ensure that they are REACH certified.

Unissued, U.S.-made Military Jungle Jacket, circa the 1980s. These jackets are deadstock ie never previously worn and were sat lost in an old military storehouse until we liberated them. Available in black, blue, and khaki in a variety of sizes in our Selfridges concession. Shown here layered over a 1950s Hawaiian print beach shirt.

We have had a long time love affair with these beautiful coats. Made during WWII for British and Commonwealth troops, they would originally have had a wax finish but these were boiled off sometime in the past, leaving a beautiful pink hue to the jumbo camouflage. We recently found several of these in a forgotten trunk in a barn in Upstate New York. Incredible rare, incredibly beautiful, now available in our Selfridges concession.

WWII British Camo Coat layered over a Czech Salamander Camouflage Jump Jacket in deadstock condition, originally intended for paratroopers, but unused and some 50 years after it was made street-ready, circa the 1960s. Worn over a 1950s Hawaiian print Beach Shirt.

Vietnam-era US Military Jungle Jacket in poplin, circa 1968, over a 1950s beach shirt.

Find us at Selfridges London, 1st Floor Men’s Department.