The first is a favourite of ours, a jacket whose owner was very serious about DIY personalisation, painting on names of Punk bands with what we assume was bleach, hidden underneath a tangle of chains, safety pins and padlocks.

Next up is a pair of extremely skinny splatter jeans from Wonder Workshop, a printing company who sold many of their wares out of Paradise Garage from 1971, which took residence at 430 Kings Road, years before it  was SEX, Seditionaries, Worlds End and more. We don’t envy the owner who squeezed themselves into these day in, day out…

Lastly, is a Union Jack vest from the late 70s. The flag was a popular icon amongst young punks, perhaps thanks to the Sex Pistols – Incidentally, Paul Cook wore a vest very similar to this for the music video of God Save The Queen. 

It’s almost the end of the Punk takeover of the Showroom! Keep your eyes peeled for the last post tomorrow.