So the rap goes in Salt N Pepa’s eponymous 1987 hit Push It. What we have here is an altogether different condiment though, salt and pepper fabrics from around the globe. Similar either just in colour, or in their workwear usage. Their global reach is interesting and shows its international pedigree. For instance, we have black flecked chambray from France, grey Italian prison issue, two melange fisherman knits from these shores, and the unique fleecy flecked weave known as Brown’s Beach Cloth* from across the Atlantic.

*Brown’s Beach Cloth was founded in 1901 in Worcester, Massachusetts, and is a uniquely woven and distinctive cloth made from a blend of 23% cotton and 73% wool, which has a recognisable flecked appearance on the outside, while the inside is carded or fleeced making it warm yet soft and supple. Popular with huntsmen and blue-collar workers it’s now undergoing something of a revival in the US and Japan.