In the early 1950s, an Edwardian look was being revived by young men, wearing long lean high buttoned jackets and adopting a tapered trouser. The so-called Teddy Boys was one of the first teenage subcultures, influenced by US rock’n’roll and Edwardian men’s fashion.

The origins of the Teddy boys started in the late 1940s when the tailors of Saville Row attempted to revive Edwardian styles among their wealthy young aristocratic clients. Soon the look was adopted by the working-class youth as well, using backstreet tailors to adopt the style.


With other youth movements taking over the 60’s, the Teddy Boys had a resurgence in the early ’70s. This suit, which is dated 1973, is a perfect example of this period.

1955: A ‘teddy boy’ gets admiring glances from friends. (Photo by Juliette Lasserre/BIPs/Getty Images)

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The ’70s Ted’s adopted most of the aspects of the ’50s but other influences also played a part, creating a more modern, glam look to the movement. There were more brightly colored drapes and socks and both hair and sideburns got longer.

Long live the Ted’s!