TVS Images

TVS Images is a state-of-the-art digital archive for designers, creatives and students, brought to you by the team at The Vintage Showroom. Subscribers are granted unprecedented access to the London collection, allowing them to browse through thousands of images of vintage clothing which have been acquired over the past 12 years. TVS Images is divided into two function areas: a section of items currently in the showroom and available to hire or purchase, and the opportunity to license high-resolution images of all the assets across the site.

TVS Images is structured much in the same way as our physical showroom. We have divided our vintage items into thematic collections; Workwear & Denim, Tailoring, Sports & Leisure and Militaria, as well as collections for type of garment; Outerwear, Bottoms, Tops and Accessories. There is also a collection for Concept images, and our most recent addition: The Hire Section.

2020 was a catalyst for change at TVS Images. The long view of the digital archive was modified to cater to our clients’ more pressing needs. The sudden halt to free travel meant that for many of our clients a visit to the showroom with a design team was no longer an option. To adapt to these changing times, we have refocused the TVS Images site around a virtual showroom consisting of an initial 1000 pieces, all of which are available to hire. This collection is updated daily as items are requested or returned to us, and we are continuing to increase the number of assets offered in the Hire Section. All items currently available to hire are earmarked with a blue flag, and if you have a TVS Images account with site-wide access, you can find the assets available in Rentals throughout the site, where they are recognisable with the blue flag.

The Hire Section is a digital representation of our physical showroom, showing what is currently available. While this in no way can recreate the experience of our showroom, we hope this curated selection of available assets can help in the short term while we go through the continued disruption.

The easiest way of navigating TVS Images is through searchable keywords. A keyword tree has been developed specifically for the collection, focusing on the item’s era, material, colour and other notable details. All assets have accessible descriptions, making it a great tool for research. Subscribers also have the opportunity to create lightboxes with assets from across the site and sharing these with members of their team.

Want to know more? Please view our Guide to TVS Images