Gold and Silver; Daguerreotypes from the Gold Rush

By Luce Lebart.

Softcover: 128 pages
Publisher: RVB Books
Language: English with French Translation

‘Gold and Silver’ was a 2017 exhibition, organised by the Canadian Photography Institute, showcasing original daguerreotypes from the 1800s, It captures the hopes, dreams and illusions of a generation of prospectors who took to the road in search of gold (as well as demonstrating the developments of photography at the time).

We were lucky enough to find 6 copies of the book that accompanied the exhibition, which contains 106 of these immense daguerreotype and tintype photographs. The stares, attitude and clothing of these young men, caught in the frenzy of the gold rush, defy the conventions of portraiture, shown alongside dazzlingly detailed images of the mines and make-shift towns that filled the landscape of 19th Century western America.



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