The United States Army 10th Mountain Division was conceived as a unit of highly specialised soldiers with expertise in winter warfare. The composition of the division has always been of interest: from Olympic skiers to college grads, ex-Ski Patrol members to rugged mountain types.

The requisite skills needed were to be a competent outdoorsman with exceptional athleticism and cold weather survival abilities; expertise in marksmanship and skiing was a must.

These mountain troops required new specialised clothing and gear, and this mountain jacket was designed with that in mind. This style of jacket was extensively used by the members of the 10th Mountain Division during their time in Italy at the end of World War II. The jacket is one of our favourite pieces of US military field gear and always proves a hit with designers who are particularly fascinated by intelligent design. The bi-swing pleated back, which allowed unrestricted movement, doubles as a built-in integrated backpack with zippered side entry. The fixed, adjustable suspenders to the interior enabled support of heavy loads in the built-in backpack. It is a clever piece of kit that still feels incredibly modern in its design and is exceedingly hard to find examples of in this condition.

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