Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to Worthy Farm for a festival like no other. 54 years since the first festival, attended by 1500 hippies, five dogs and one goat, Glastonbury has only gotten bigger and bigger. 

We’ve spent the past couple days reimagining what it was like to sit on Worthy Farm all those years ago, and what you might wear for the occasion. Listening to folk music and dancing half naked in the mud calls for distressed and flared denim, leather waistcoats and fringe, a kaftan and, crucially, a raincoat, (although one attendee from 1970 reminisced to NME in 2019 that just a sheet of polythene would work too).  

Pictured here is our visual inspiration, as well as a ticket for the 1970 festival (for only £1!), and the evolution of the pyramid stage over 52 years.