We were excited to discover this image of Francis Ford Coppola sporting a bright, border-striped wool coat whilst capturing a birds-eye shot for Godfather Part II, as it is a coat we too have in our collection.

This spurred us on to create a proposition of what a director might wear on a cold morning shoot – vintage cover-alls, a bright ‘50s knit, and an essential down vest. 


Coppola proves to us here that not only is he a great director, but he can look the part while doing it too. The epic Godfather Part II came out almost 50 years ago, and long-standing disputes suggest it is the best in the series. What’s your verdict?



In the spirit of Coppola, we couldn’t resist an ‘Apocalypse Now’ install. Seen here is some major Tiger camo from the Vietnam war, and a showroom favourite tunic reading ‘KILROY’, much like the ‘KILGORE’ stitched onto the chest of Robert Duvall’s character.