Without question we love what we do – every day we get to work surrounded by a collection of beautiful things which we have spent decades travelling the world to acquire. One particular pleasure is when we re-discover a piece that takes us back to the time and place where we found it, adding our own personal connection to an item already so rich in history and memory.


On our travels, we occasionally find something which we fall in love with without any sense really of what it is or what we will do with it, and this impressive Japanese wall hanging is one such example. Recently found once more, forgotten in a bottom of an old trunk that we had been using in the showroom for a display.

It entered our lives in 2016, discovered in a small back street antique shop in Tokyo. We have had an enjoyable afternoon spent looking it over once again while photographing, although, at almost 3 metres squared, we were unable to capture the whole thing in the space we had!

We were told it was used as a room divider, with the text from a ledger of a small family business’s accounts. If any of our Japanese friends would like to share more please get in touch! We hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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