As a collective, the Levi’s 507xx has to be one of the most iconic denim jackets ever made. More commonly referenced as a TYPE II style, it was believed to have had a production run from 1953 which lasted less than a decade. While denim nerds may bemoan the loss of the cinch back from the TYPE I, we have always preferred the 50s version. This boys size jacket was found many years ago at the Rose Bowl in LA.

Recently our co-founder Doug Gunn was asked to give a talk for Transformers ED, as part of the Transformers Foundation. For those not familiar with the platform, Transformers Foundation is the unified voice representing the denim industry and its ideas for positive change, and something that we have been proud to be involved with since its creation. It is an invaluable resource and you can find out more on their website.

Transformers ED is an educational seminar series for students and consumers who wish to learn about the denim supply chain and gain a greater understanding of the environmental impact at each step of production. For the last few years, we have contributed a seminar on inspiration and working with vintage as part of the design process. You can listen to the most recent talk here where Doug speaks about 5 pieces from our denim archive, including this beautiful Type II jacket.

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