We’ve managed to collect a few fencing pieces from over the years, proving to be a firm favourite for sportswear. In looking into the origins of one piece we have had for years, we discovered that this Fencing Jacket was from a fencing boutique not too far from home.

Leon Paul was a WWI french army Maître d’Armes and in 1921 set up a boutique and training salle in Covent Garden. The trade of fashioning garments and masks, of training and even eventually forging their own blades, was passed down over generations. This particular jacket dates back to the 1930s, so still in the early days of the West End store, long before fencing lamés were electrified and you had to announce an opponent’s successful attack by saying touché. 

This is one item that is loved by us and our clients, and we’re very excited to now make it available on the online store.

You can find it here»

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