The next in our ‘On this day’ series… we got the keys to our Central London Showroom on the 13th September 2022! When we got in we quickly got to work on reviving the main floor, as well as renovating and installing our denim room in the sub-basement. Before us, the unit was inhabited by a print works, and we’ve tried to incorporate this into elements of the space.


Exterior now and before.


Here you can see the development from the purple sign of the unopened Thai restaurant and very grey interior into an environment perfect for The Vintage Showroom!

The stages of the main floor face lift!


Our Denim room, before & after


We still have a bit of work to go in other parts of the building – we’re very excited to reveal what this will be – but on the main floor we have curated a more concise (yet still wide ranging) selection of over-1000 vintage pieces.