We like to research every piece we acquire, such as this sheer André Laug dress that is included in our newly unveiled Womenswear Archive. We have had to take a slightly different approach to researching womenswear compared to our usual methods with menswear, such as sifting through vintage editorials that could depict similar styles. One coup was the discovery of this Vogue Italia advert from 1973, where model Tracy Weed wears the very André Laug dress from our collection. 


André Laug was a French designer, designing for his eponymous label from 1968 to his death in 1984, and was known in the fashion world as the ‘Parisian of Rome’.  His impressive client list includes Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, Diana Ross, and many more. This geometric, pleated dress was typical of Laug’s designs; a staple of his was blouses and bows, with the intention for them to be worn with more tailored pieces, to add feminine touches to masculine styles.



Thank you to Faye Morey, who worked with us extensively to research our womenswear collection.

Featuring Image from Vogue Italia, 1973, Photography by Giampaolo Barbieri.