We have a real weakness for old wax jackets, June and July have been hard as the heat has meant I can’t rock my favourite old Barbour the default setting on my wardrobe. Despite it definitely not being wax jacket weather it hasn’t stopped us from hunting down some beautiful pieces. While most of the old wax bike jackets we find end up the other side of the Atlantic cruising around Nolita or Lower East Side or wherever our friends in New York sell them, we still like to keep a good collection in the Showroom and Earlham Street store for discerning customers.

This one above was a favourite of recent finds, not many things break down to such an amazing patina as these old wax jackets. A great looking late 60’s Belstaff, Sammy Miller label with an unusual blue tartan lining shown above.

Barbour International.

Barbour Suit.