This past weekend, the ‘Workwear’ exhibition opened at Nieuwe Insitituut, curated by fashion researcher Eldina Begic. The exhibition included a number of ‘chapters’ or themes, including workwear as tools, workwear and utopia, ‘works of art’, workwear and fashion, and fashion archaeology.

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Featured in the exhibition were four pieces from our archive; a Cold War Anti-G flight suit, an Irvin Industries Para-Rescue suit (pictured above) a U.S. Navy deep sea Bunny suit and a Foul Weather jacket, waders and hat (pictured below).

Other favourites from the exhibition include an incredible X-ray of a space-suit, artwork by Lygia Clark, Workwear in contemporary fashion with C.P Company, Issey Miyake and Nigel Cabourn, denim repairs by Sam Crudin, and a gradient of Indigo by Buaisou. See more install shots below.


The Nieuwe Insitituut’s ‘Workwear’ exhibition was curated by fashion researcher Eldina Begic, with spatial design by Cookies architecture and design agency, and install photos by Aad Hoogendoorn. Open 26th March to 10th September.